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by Fr. David Morrison

How many kids, preteens, and teenagers, waiting in line for confession with tears in their eyes---tears of grief over their sins, then tears of deep gratitude for Christ’s forgiving love---how many kids doing that at camp make it worth it?  How many to make you realize that God is doing something beautiful at this camp?

Is one enough?

I saw many, many more than that on Tuesday night at the Rocky Mountain Orthodox Youth Camp. Healing was happening.

How many deep talks make it worth it?

How many one-on-one, or cabin-sized talks, that are real and profound--about the stuff of life, the challenges and pressures that are out there, and about the God who has come to save us all…

Is one deep talk enough?

I saw, heard, and was a part of many, many more than that throughout the days of camp.

How much fun makes a camp worth it?

How much swimming and canoeing (and tipping), and go-cart racing and arrow flying, and ball throwing and tie-dying, and singing and cheering, and hiking and laughing like crazy do you need to witness before you check off the “this is a really fun camp” box?

I think you know what I’m going to say.  The “fun box” is thoroughly colored in.

Close to 180 campers--age 6ish on up to teenagers, and a great group of leaders--college-aged on up to “older” ones—made up this year’s Rocky Mountain Orthodox Youth Camp.

And it was totally worth it.

Amazingly healing and transformative.

Straight up FUN.

And you know what?

We all drove away realizing that we are not the only Orthodox Christians out there. And better still, that our God is a really wonderful, loving, saving, relevant God.

Thank you to all those who have make this camp possible year after year.

It was worth it!

Rocky Mountain Youth Camp 2013

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