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Teen Winter Retreat - Rocky Mountain Deanery - December 30-January 1

Teens from the Rocky Mountain Deanery spent three days up in the mountains at 9,620 ft. elevation. This is an annual event that allows teens from around the Rocky Mountain region to come together for worship, fellowship with one another, a series of talks, and plenty of snow activities. The most well known snow activity is Broom Hockey which takes place on a frozen pond along with plenty of energetic and friendly competition. Many of the clergy have been known to join in on the action as well. 

This year's talk was focused on being created in the image and likeness of God. There was discussion on what this means in our daily lives, how we are influenced to be formed into other images that are not the image of God, and how we can use our will to participate with God in this good work. The teens are always engaged with the discussion and eager to understand how their faith can be better lived out. 

Matins and Vespers were served during this time and everyone came together for Divine Liturgy on the final morning. The youth led and were the choir for all of the Divine services. It is always a joy to hear their voices joining with one another in praise to God. 

We already have the dates reserved for next year when we will meet again in the mountains on December 28-30, 2020. 
Glory to God for all things!

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